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The wedding multimedia plan «Style Wedding» will increase your sales and will help you to be recognized in the world of wedding and its organisators.

Advertising in the magazine «Style Wedding»

We are happy to see you here. Allow us to invite you to discover our project «Style Wedding» and to describe one of the most productive sector of the development of the business slanted to the organization of the weddings. We are ready to open you our secret and to show you why companies and the famous firms choose «Style Wedding».
The Wedding magazine
The wedding magazine «Style Wedding» is adressed to people who want to get married, to the newlyweds and to professionals working in the wedding industry.
Mobile application
The mobile application « Style Wedding » for iOS and Android ocuppies the first place of downloadings among the wedding publications.
Wedding portal
On the site, lectors have always a possibility to see new information about, viewings of the wedding industry and a confortable catalog of our partners 's firms.
E-mail marketing
All « Style Wedding » suscribers receive many interessant selections of actuals products and services, wedding news and information about shares from our partners.
Special projects and media-plans
Special projects and media-plans Commun special projects and events allowed to increase sales and the popularity of your brand among the target audience.
Social networks
Social networks The best advertising is the recommendation, that is like our subscribers receive and accept the advertising from Style Wedding, because it is well integrated in the content and topical relevant.
Distribution points for the printed version
Visitors wedding portal for a month
Instargam followers in a week
Mobile app installs
Any event or occurrence, which comes in a multimedia project for Wedding Style, supported by all its components&&&&&&
The audience of Style Wedding
Modern, energetic and educated people from 18 to 39 years with average and high income. They value individuality, beautiful things, elegant furnishings and strive to be aware of fashion trends.
83% ladies
17% gentlemen
63% of the audience in the next 7 months planning a wedding for yourself or your loved ones??????
65% of the audience Style Wedding are aged between 18-39 years
Audience status
57% of the audience of the magazine "Style Wedding" with an income above average
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